Creativity, Cognition, Critique

CCC-symposium May 20, 2016 until May 21, 2016


This joint Arts + Humanities conference addresses the topic “Creativity, Cognition, Critique.” Part of the 50th Anniversary Academic Symposium Series, the event will probe the flow among acts of artistic and technological making, forms of interpretation and reflection, and the cognitive processes that they share. Speakers will be major and emerging figures in the arts, the humanities, and their intersection. This event is linked to the School of Humanities 2016 Wellek Lectures, a premier series that plays an important part in UCI’s history. The speaker for the Wellek Lectures is Katherine Hayles, professor of English and literature at Duke University and a leader in the fields of digital humanities, electronic literature, and literature and science. The week also will be enriched by a residency with Georgina Born, a prominent musicologist from the U.K. who has done research on UCI’s digital arts program and legacy. Major guests include filmmaker Charles Burnett.

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Friday, May 20

10 a.m.: Panel: Contemporary Sound and Soundscapes
Amy Cimini, Music, UC San Diego; Sumanth S. Gopinah, University of Minnesota; Jim Steintrager, UCI Critical Theory. Georgina Born, responding
Moderator: David Brodbeck
Conference launch: Dean Georges Van Den Abbeele
Humanities Gateway, Room 1030

11:30 a.m.: Lunch

12:30 p.m.: Keynote 1: Art-Science Teaching at UCI: An Ethnography of Interdisciplinary Experiment
Georgina Born, Oxford University
Introduced by Amy Bauer or Michael Dessen
Humanities Gateway, Room 1030

2 p.m.: Keynote 2: Creativity and Critique in / as Urban Space
Teddy Cruz, architect and urbanist (Visual Art, UC San Diego)
Introduced by Jesse Colin Jackson, Visual Art
Humanities Gateway, Room 1030

4 p.m.: Wellek Lecture 3: Precarious Narratives: The Risky Behaviors of Print Books No Longer Able to Tell Coherent Stories
Katherine Hayles, professor of English and literature at Duke University
Humanities Gateway, Room 1030

6 p.m.: Reception

7 p.m.: Performance: Random Access Music Universe
Pamela Z, Cauleen Smith and Nicole Mitchell
Experimental Media Performance Lab (xMPL)
Contemporary Arts Center, Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Saturday, May 21

10 a.m.: Round table: Creativity, Cognition, Critique?
Catherine Malabou, Simony Penny and David Bates (UC Berkeley). Moderated by Jesse Colin Jackson, Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Humanities Gateway, Room 1030

11:30 a.m.: Keynote 3: “Digital Humanities Catalyzes Technological Innovation: You’ll never believe what happened next …”
Anne Balsamo, dean of the School of Media Studies at The New School
Introduced by Peter Krapp
Humanities Gateway, Room 1030

1 p.m.: Lunch

2 p.m.: Keynote 4: Cognition, Communication and Capital
Jodi Dean, professor of political science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Introduced by Keith Topper, Political Science
Humanities Gateway, Room 1030

3:30-5 p.m.: Screening of Killer of Sheep followed by a conversation with filmmaker Charles Burnett
Arlene Keizer, Ed Dimendberg, Desha Dauchan and Jamie Rogers
McCormick Screening Room – Humanities Gateway, Room 1070