Fifty for 50 Project Funding


This funding source is designed to provide opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, faculty, alumni, and retirees/emeriti to extend their service efforts to include more participants and/or more projects through additional funding. While proposals for new events will be considered, funds are designed for enhancement of existing projects.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following:

  • Comprehensiveness of plans for event coordination and promotion
  • Potential for high levels of community impact
  • Clarity of goals and objectives, learning outcome incorporation
  • Plans for post-event collection of success metrics, learning outcome assessments, and testimonials

Please complete the Fifty for 50 project funding application in its entirety and submit supplemental information where available.

General Guidelines

  • Programs must utilize volunteer assistance from the UCI campus community (e.g., students, faculty, staff, alumni, and retirees/emeriti) to benefit an external, community-based organization. Events that occur on-campus will be funded only if (1) an off-site community group directly benefits from the service and/or (2) there is a service learning component.
  • Item drives or philanthropy/fundraising events will not be considered for this funding source unless they are supplemental to a community service and/or educational program.
  • Due to the fact that 50th anniversary funds will not be available in future years, funding should enhance an existing volunteer program and not establish a new program or replace funds currently being issued to an event. As such, proposals are expected to include information on additional funding sources and grants that are supporting the event. Exceptions to this guideline will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Proposals must present the entire budget (even if it is over the maximum amount awarded) and any supplemental material from previous years (prior budgets, photos, attendance records, event evaluations, etc.).
  • Operating and/or any on-going general expenses of an organization will not be funded.

Funding Rules

  • Funding requests may not exceed $3,000.
  • The program/project must benefit a qualified 501(c)3 community-based organization within Orange County.
  • Funds will not be allocated to:
    • Political candidates, campaigns or committees;
    • Programs conducting religious services, including but not limited to ceremonies, rituals, sermons or missionary efforts; or
    • Activities that directly benefit internal UCI organizations with no external connection, such as regular meetings, banquets, and merchandise.
  • Receipts for each funded program/project must be submitted to the ASUCI Club Accounts office within 30 days of the event.
  • All UCI participants must submit a UCI waiver before participating in an off-campus event (on-campus events do not require waivers). Waivers must be retained by a UCI office after the event.
  • Project must be listed on the Get Connected website.
  • Upon conclusion of the program or project, a completed program evaluation form, complete with photographs, press release, digital advertising materials and testimonials. Program/project documentation must be submitted prior to payment of funds. Failure to submit documentation may result in forfeiture of funds.

Funding Process

  • The campuswide Fifty for 50 sub-committee will on funding review all submissions. Proposal reviews will occur at 1 p.m. on the following dates:
    • Monday, November 9
    • Friday, December 4
    • Friday, February 5
    • Friday, March 4
    • Friday, April 8
  • Retroactive funding (i.e., funding allocated after the event date) will only be considered for the first review date.
  • Please submit a complete application at least five business days prior to the committee meeting to be considered at that meeting.
  • Applicants may be called in for an interview if further information about the event is needed.
  • Discretion for the awarding of grants is with the Fifty for 50 committee. A simple majority vote of members present at the meeting will determine awards.
  • Committee members directly affiliated with or supervising an applicant organization may not vote.
  • Decisions of awards will be issued within seven business days of the proposal review date.

Please click here to download the application form.

Form and supplemental materials may be e-mailed to Sandy Jones at